Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kitchen Addiction

Kitchens I Love

Right now we are doing little improvements in our kitchen: last summer we took out a microwave and overhead cupboard and put in a big stove fan with "chimney." Now we don't have enough crown moulding for the cabinets and need to choose something new.  Here is a small one we are considering:

Before and after pictures will follow in a later post. In the meantime, I am still planning.  What I am hoping for is a layered but simple crown moulding look like in this London England kitchen I saw in Elle Decor.

Kit and Tim Kent London Townhouse Kitchen

I absolutely love this kitchen. I know I can't make my walls round, and my cupboards are brown, not grey, but they have the same aged knotty look. I like how this kitchen is not afraid of cabinets, as no real cook without a separate pantry can be.  I wonder if I should rip out more cabinets, but if there is one I don't really need right now, what about when I get that big wooden salad bowl?  I like how just a few of the cabinets in this kitchen have glass doors, or nothing. I like the old tray leaning against the wall, and I love the bead board. But first things first, I love the small moulding on top of the cabinets with bigger moulding at ceiling level above.  That is the first thing I want to emulate, and while the moulding I am choosing for my kitchen is a bit more elaborate, it is the smallest that will match our cabinets.

Here is another kitchen I like a lot:
Michael S. Smith green kitchen
If you saw my post about green kitchens, you will know I have a weakness for them.  I love this one not because it is green, though, but because it has a similar cosy vibe to the one above; it is as though they have been there a long time. Maybe it is the large hearth-like stove. Maybe it is the bead board again, and the moulding.

So there you have it: it is moulding that I love in a kitchen, besides knotty cabinets, as well as big hood fans.  Maybe it's some sort of cottage kitchen in my past I am trying to evoke, when we had a wood stove and cloth curtains instead of cabinet doors. Or maybe it is some iconic ideal. Why does a modern feminist spend so much time thinking about kitchens, when my mother tried so hard to free my from the servitude of this place?  Maybe it is mommy, herself, we kitchen addicted are looking for.

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