Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm Dreaming of a Green Kitchen

Kitchen Paint Plans

There is much blogging about white kitchens and certainly home design magazines are full of very few other kinds.  And today The Decorologist wrote about the trend of darker painted lower cabinets and white painted uppers.  Because I spent so many years in rentals and then our first spec house with those white melamine cabinets with the strip of oak across the bottom, I don't think I will ever want a white kitchen, maybe not even a half-white kitchen. Still, I know that our 'knotty alder' kitchen cabinets, now six years old, which came with the house, will some day soon look dated.  Maybe they already do and I haven't noticed. When I do paint them, however, I think they will be green, which seems to be my favourite colour to paint anything in my house.

Here is my current favourite green kitchen:
Meg Braff - House Beautiful

Wow, I love this kitchen. The paint colour is Benjamin Moore's Forest Moss (2146-20).
Forest moss on a log by path near our house.
I love actual forest moss, stopping to stare at it on my daily walks, and I would love this colour to work in my kitchen.  It does with the tiles, floor and counter, but I'm not sure about with the green kitchen chairs.

My kitchen chair

It might.  Here is another amazing green kitchen from House Beautiful designed by Gideon Mendelson:

Gideon Mendelson - House Beautiful
While my kitchen ceilings are eight feet, I would love to have green plaid curtains. He has only painted the island green.  

Here are some others of my favourites:

Katherine Ireland

I also love the scalloped bottom edges of the above cabinets. Mine aren't like that, but I could buy a hutch with a similar shape, in the same colour as my chairs.  This hutch, my kitchen chairs and table, are made by True North furniture.
I know that sometime, maybe this summer or next, I will paint the cabinets. Probably sooner I will paint the walls and ceilings. Eventually, I will find green checkered curtains or the fabric for them. Slowly, my house turns green, I tried to write in a poem once. Green, the colour of fresh peas, beans and lettuce from the garden just outside our kitchen door, seems the right choice.

I just remembered the first picture of green painted kitchen cabinets I loved. It was in the old House and Garden and was a small picture of the owners' of Anthropologie's tiny apartment kitchen and the cabinets were painted what looked like Benjamin Moore's Georgian Green, which I wrote about here.
It looks good in my kitchen too, and would certainly provide a continuity of greens throughout the house.  The time it takes me to think about painting wood, though, it could be a few years before I actually start.

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For more pictures of green kitchens that inspire me, go to Pinterest, where I have just created a board called "Green Kitchens."